Clutch Backs / Clutch Pins / Badge Clutches / Plastic Badge Clutch

Shuen Fuh offers a wide range of brass clutch backs and clutch pins. We are capable of providing superior badge clutches and brass clutch backs at competitive price.
We keep on consistent performance, cost reduction and quality perfection to meet the highest standard of customers' satisfactions. The brass clutch is attached on the back of the name badges, badges, metal name card or any items that client wants to pins on the clothes, shoes or jackets. If you'd like to inquire about badge clutches and clutch backs, please provide us the quantity you need and we will quote the best price for you right away. If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. More detailed information will be provided at your request.

Products information
Material: brass
Color: gold, nickel plated, gold plated

  • SF-01 Clutch Back (Brass Bright)
  • SF-02 Badge Clutch
  • SF-04 Clutch Pin
  • SF-04A Clutch Pin (8mm x 8mm)
  • SF-04B Clutch Pin (8mm x 10mm)
  • SF-05 Badge Clutch
  • SF-06A Clutch Back (8mm x 8mm)
  • SF-06B Clutch Back (8mm x 10mm)
  • SF-06C Clutch Back
  • SF-07 Badge Clutch
  • SF-08C Clutch Pin
  • SF-08E (2 Cracks Nail 10mm)
  • SF-09 Clutch Back (11mm)
  • SF-10AG Clutch Pin
  • SF-10AN Clutch Back
  • SF-10BG Clutch Back
  • SF-15A Clutch Back
  • SF-303NI Badge Clutch
  • SF-304G Badge Clutch
  • SF-304NI Badge Clutch
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