Custom Metal Badges

The giftware badges, security badges and pin badges are able to customize based on your designing. Shuen Fuh guarantees to produce the quality products to meet each client satisfaction and required.
*enamel pin*
Material: Copper, Iron, Stainless steel, Zinc alloy
Technical: Mold Press, Printing

Color Technical: Soft enamel, New enamel, Enamel, Printing, Photo Etched
Plated: Nickel plated // gold plated // artificial gold plated // painted
Packing: 1PC/OPP, 100PCS/BAG
MOQ: According to your designing and draft.
  • S-01 Custom Metal Security Badge
  • S-02 Metal Security Badge (23mm x 38.5mm)
  • S-03 - Round Metal Badges
  • S-04 Metal Security Badge (13.5mm x 20mm)
  • S-05 Metal Security Badge (Dia. 25.5mm)
  • S-06 Metal Security Badge (47.5mm x 58mm)
  • S-07 Metal Security Badge (7.5mm x 62.5mm)
  • S-08 Metal Security Badge (15.5mm x 21mm)
  • S-09 Metal Security Badge (8mm x 20mm)
  • S-10 Security Badge (18.5mm x 25mm)
  • S-11 Metal Badge (24mm x 26mm)
  • S-12 Metal Badge (12mm x 41mm)
  • S-13 Security Badge (51mm x 51mm)
  • S-14 Security Badge (39mm x 41.5mm)
  • S-15 Metal Badge (24mm x 39mm)
  • S-16 Personalised Metal Badges
  • S-17 Metal Badge (15mm x 20mm)
  • S-18 Metal Badge (15mm x 20mm)
  • S-19 Metal Badge (15.5mm x 30.5mm)
  • S-20 Metal Badge (18.5mm x 35mm)
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