ID Badge Clips / Name Badge Clips

Name Badge clips is well used in school and office even the government. The metal badge clip, plastic clip is used in clips on or hooks on the identity card or attach with other products. Such as identity card holders, neck lanyards and any other related products.

Shuen Fuh-made ID badge clips are durable and able to accept the order-clip request with various-color-painted. Moreover, we also have the capability to design the specific clip and to customize the clips according to customer’s designing.
Shuen Fuh is well-known professional to the hardware-products area around 20years.

Material: iron / plastic / copper / stainless steel (most of the clip items are made of iron or plastic.)
Technician: Press or injection
Color: nickel plated / gold plated / artificial gold plated / color coating / color painting
Customized: it would be necessary to know the requested-material, sizes (length, width, and thickness), design and functions.
  • SG-01 Badge Holder Clip
  • SG-01A Metal Badge Clip
  • SG-01B Badge Clip
  • SG-01C Badge Clip
  • SG-01CP Badge Clip
  • SG-01D Badge Clip
  • SG-02 Badge Clip
  • SG-02A Badge Clip
  • SG-02B Badge Clip
  • SG-03 Badge Clip
  • SG-03A Name Badge Clip
  • SG-03B Name Badge Clip (Mylar)
  • SG-03C-A Name Badge Clip (Adhesive)
  • SG-04 Badge Clip
  • SG-04A ID Badge Clip
  • SG-05A Name Badge Clip (Adhesive)
  • SG-06 Name Badge Clip
  • SG-06A ID Badges Clip (Adhesive)
  • SG-06B ID Badges Clip (Adhesive)
  • SG-06C ID Badge Clip
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