Metal / Stainless Steel Badge Reels

Shuen Fuh’s metal badge reels and durable stainless steel cord and spring are our hot products. They are suited for plenty of environments like offices, schools, trade shows, and so forth. What's more, they are customizable, dozens of colors and sizes are accepted, please contact us.
  • RS-01 Stainless Steel Badge Reel
  • RS-02 Stainless Steel Badge Reel
  • RS-03 Stainless Steel Badge Reel
  • RS-04 Stainless Steel Badge Reel
  • RM-04 Metal Retractable Badge Reel
  • RM-05 Retractable ID Badge Holder
  • RM-06 Retractable Badge Holders (25mm) Steel Retractor
  • Retractable Name Badge Holders (31mm) - RM-06A
  • RM-06B Retractable Name Badge Holder
  • RM-07 Retractable Name Badge Holder (28mm)
  • RM-08 Metal Badge Reel (32mm)
  • RM-08-1 Metal Badge Reel
  • RM-08-2 Metal Badge Reel
  • RM-08A Metal Badge Reel
  • RM-08C Metal Badge Reel
  • RM-08-3 Metal Badge Reel
  • RM-09-1 Metal Badge Reel (PVC Strap)
  • RM-09-1 Metal Badge Reel (40mm)
  • RM-09-2 Metal Badge Reel
  • RM-09 (40mm)
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