Plastic ID Badge Holders

Shuen Fuh is specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of plastic badge holders to protect and to display your ID cards. Our plastic badge holders are available in vertical and horizontal styles to suit different card orientations. In addition, our ID badges holder can be made of different materials, such as PVC, PET, PEVA, ABS and PS upon customers’ requirements. Plastic ID badge holders are ideal for advertising and promotional purposes, such as trade show, office, school and other events. For trade shows or conventions use, you can consider using ID badge holders with a pin or strap clip to save budget.

Plastic Badge Holder Specification:
1. Transparent, opaque or translucent material.
2. Min. quantity: 500pcs.
3. Size: regular size or custom design is available.
4. Logo: various color(s) screen printed.
5. Attachment: various attachments.

  • DBH-09 Plastic Badge Holder
  • DBH-15 Plastic ID Card Holder
  • DBH-16 Plastic Name Badge Holder
  • DBH-18 Clear Badge Holder
  • DBH-19 Vertical Badge Holder
  • DBH-20 Secure Badge Holder
  • DBH-21 Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-01 Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-01G Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-02 Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-02-1 Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-03 Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-04 Rigid Badge Holder
  • SN-05B Horizontal Badge Holder
  • SN-06G Plastic ID Badge Holder
  • SN-07 Plastic ID Badge Holder
  • SN-07A Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-08 Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-08A Plastic Badge Holder
  • SN-08B Plastic ID Badge Holder
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